Friday, June 18, 2010

tray 6

hey everybody this post is a late one but i've been a bit busy. I went to my ortodontist and received my 6th and 7th trays about a week and half ago. Everything was routine as he examined my mouth observing the progress of my invisalign. So he gave me the new 6th tray to wear and I noticed it felt more uncomfortable than usual, almost identical to my first experience of putting my trays on. Afterwards, I left and ate some lunch and felt the tenderness in my mouth as I was eating. Then I put the trays back in and it hurt a bit, but I thought to myself no pain no gain. Later that evening as I was going to bed, I took a look at my 7th tray to see the movements and noticed that it was my 6th tray that I was looking at ! Apparently, my orthodontist by mistake gave me the 7th tray to wear instead of the 6th tray. So this explained why I was experiencing and unusual amount of pain than normal.
  So I gave him a call and he explained to go back to the 6th tray immediately, or depending on how I felt I could just wear the 7th tray for a month, but he clearly recommended going back to the correct 6th tray. At first, I thought, '' hey I can tolerate wearing the 7th tray'', however this did not mean it would speed up my treatment. So after 2days I went back to my 6th tray. I did this because I wanted to wear the aligners and abide by the way the treatment is meant to go and not suffer unsatisfied results at the end. I have 2more days until I switch to my 7th tray.

 A very observant friend of my noticed that I am wearing invisalign. So he sought some information about invisalign from me. I told him everything there was to know but he didn't like the price. I told him in his case it would be less expensive because his teeth aren't in bad alignment. The price was still an issue he has but it seems that he's going to eventually get invisalign. And I was just thinking, wouldn't be a great incentive to be compensated in some way by referring someone to invisalign?


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